Early Characters

The story continues...


Although we might never meet, you might buy cards online as part of your secret agent cover story, I hope you love these cards.

Over the past 12 months I've been illustrating a graphic novel, Emily Corn.

'Emily Corn: Discovering Darkness', a non-binary coming of age story set against the impending destruction of Earth is coming out on 27th April 2020. Written by Page Wooller and published by Markosia Enterprises.



Bigger Head Development

The logo started as a postcard I designed for my former teamies at Bath Roller Derby Girls for one of our home bouts. The tidal wave style splash pays homage to the great American cartoonist Bill Watterson, who created Calvin and Hobbes - and Calvin's bathtub TIDAL WAVE!! I just loved it as a name and logo for my cards as Calvin and Hobbes and Bath Roller Derby has a special place in my heart - now to carve up some snowmen.