[Friday 20th March 2020]

As our Drawing Classes in Westbury are now postponed, we're going virtual! Each week I will upload a video with a different drawing challenge. These will be free and open to the class and anyone else who loves drawing for fun.

Available on YouTube on the Blood Bath Cards Channel. It's very new and shiny. Please feel free to post and share your artwork. Until will can meet up again, take care. Ali


For anyone who loves to draw for fun and wants to learn new drawing techniques

New Drawing Classes at Westbury Leigh Community Hall Starting Friday 6th September 2019 at 10am.

Who are the classes for? 

Anyone who loves drawing for fun and wants to learn new drawing techniques. Beginners are very welcome.

What is format of the class? 

Well, each week we'll have a different drawing challenge to tackle (e.g. drawing realistic eyes). I'll breakdown a drawing technique and then we give it a go. See where it takes us...

What should I bring? 

Just bring your own sketch pad. Different pencils and any other equipment needed for each class will be provided.

Is there parking at the venue? 

Yes there is a gravelled courtyard to the front of the church providing parking for about 23 cars.

In addition, on street parking is available and a large public car park is available 100 metres away.

Is there disabled access? 

Yes. The entrance to the hall is step free, right through to the main hall, adjacent to which is a disabled toilet.

How much is the class? 

The class is £6 per person. This includes tea/coffee and you will be provided with different pencils/equipment you need for the class.

What is a 'drop-in'? 

A drop-in class is a class that doesn't require you to pre-book a place or pay in advance. You simply turn up and pay for the class you are attending.

I can't make mornings, do you run an evening session? 

Yes, coming soon. Please drop me an email at if you are interested in coming to an evening or weekend session in Westbury.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, hope to see you soon, Ali